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Weirdyear publishes new flash fiction, poetry, and hybrid experimental fiction every Friday, providing a platform for both new and established authors to reach readers based solely on the merit of each individual piece of writing and not on deadlines, reputation, age or any other factor. The market for offbeat and “weird” fiction has always been extremely limited, so authors of progressive and experimental fiction have largely gone unheard. Weirdyear endeavors to give those unheard authors the voice they deserve.

Currently, Weirdyear is edited by author E.S. Wynn

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Earl "E.S." Wynn is the author of over fifty books in print. During the last decade, he has worked with hundreds of authors and edited thousands of manuscripts for nearly a dozen different magazines. His stories and articles have been published in dozens of journals, zines and anthologies. He has taught classes in literature, marketing, math, spirituality and guided meditation. Outside of writing, he has worked as a voice-over artist for several different horror and sci-fi podcasts, albums and ebooks.
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1 Response
  1. Tahlia Says:

    Hi E.S.

    I just found your mag and like the stuff you've got here. I'll look through some of my stories and see if I can find something you might like.

    I'll be in touch.

    If you're interested in YA fantasy, you might like to take a look at ch1 of at my novel, 'Lethal Inheritance’. You’ll find it at

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