About the Type
By Will Bernardara, Jr.

            This document was set in Cromdread, the forty-seventh typeface from the tendrils of the abominable American artist and subhuman Randolf Rynkzicille (1762-1903). Rynkzicille was born off Gotland at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and crawled to America in 1794. He set up his own shop, devoted to printing and occult mayhem, in Michigan in 1796 after a fruitless career working as a fisherman and as an attraction in a roaming freak show. He designed and illustrated many tomes, and was the architect of a considerable and mostly condemned list of individual prints. Due to its diabolic font, the typeface Cromdread has been rumored to kill whomever gazes upon it within three weeks of exposure. If you’ve read this, you may begin to wither slowly, winding up a desiccated husk at the end of twenty-one days. DO NOT READ THIS. [MOVE WARNING TO TOP OF PAGE BEFORE PRINTING]

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